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About Us

The Program and Policy Evaluation Research Group (PROPER) is a university-community hub where faculty members, students, and community serving agencies can interact, exchange knowledge and collaborate. It creates opportunities for students to use their academic training in applied settings and learn new skills; increase and strengthen community-university collaborations and engagement; develop, support and disseminate scholarly research on program and policy evaluation and related areas; and further advance opportunities and methodologies for the teaching of program and policy evaluation and the development of training programs. Given that program and policy evaluation are inherently inter- and trans-disciplinary, the Research Group includes faculty members and students from any faculties and departments, as such it is inter-departmental. As well, it includes interested individuals from organizations external to the university. The Research Group operates in partnership with the University of Manitoba student led Community Hub - Information and Research Partnership (CHIRP) and with interested community agencies and organizations. Membership is open to individuals within and outside the University of Manitoba.

The objectives of the PROPER are to:

1) Foster university-community collaborations on program and policy evaluation, prioritizing small agencies and/or community based organizations;

2) Link students and faculty members with agencies and other evaluation stakeholders to provide program and policy evaluation practicum opportunities for students;

3) Increase formal and informal training and mentoring opportunities on program and policy evaluation for university students, faculty, staff, alumni, outside organizations, and the general public (e.g., Summer Institute in Program Evaluation);

4) Foster partnerships with other academic and professional institutions, nationally and internationally, that specialize in program and policy evaluation

5) Conduct research on program and policy evaluation, use of information, and knowledge mobilization

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